Submitted by alexayanchenko in security_culture

If you use TOR and have to maintain a pseudonym is it good to use a different profile with privacy addons or do I just use Firefox ?

I was asking for TOR because I see it more superior than VPNs out there.



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thelegendarybirdmonster wrote (edited )

Use the tor browser, no add-ons.

Do what you want when you're not on tor. Never do the same things on tor and on the regular internet.

Afaik it's ok to use tor and another browser at the same time.

You're never anonymous if you're browsing on clearnet.


alexayanchenko OP wrote

So correctly when should Firefox profiles be used at all?

I guess if we don't want to be anonymous and want to have a pseudonym on clearnet.


blubl00d wrote

Stick to the Tor Browser, don’t install any additional addons. Firefox profiles aren’t really that useful for the Tor Browser because the Tor Browser is meant to make you look like all other Tor users. Customizing it will only make you stand out.


alexayanchenko OP wrote

Also is it fine if I have another compartment where I do the things that don't need pseudonyms like browsing, reading news adn posting on image boards where your name is always Anonymous ?