A thought: Changing the name of this forum from the statey opsec to something like Security_Culture?

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in security_culture

"Opsec" refers to security measures for government operations, and is also a kinda pretentious word.

something more like "Security_Culture" seems better to reflect not only normal language but also the constant maintenance of a set of relations of safety among those we have affinity with, rather than something you learn out of a government handbook.

What do people think?



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zod wrote

I think people looking for the forum will guess it has security in the name. Few people know what 'opsec' means. It should at least be operational_security, but security_culture is best, yes.


ziq wrote (edited )

Support. The moderator looks to be inactive though, so it could use another mod or two.


BlackFlagged wrote

How is this sub different from f/privacy?


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

I've always understood the difference roughly to be that f/opsec is around keeping safe from counterinsurgency as people engaging in anti-authoritarian action where f/privacy is more about measures to keep safe from everyday surveillance. So different focuses on a similar concern.

However, there are even more forums, f/netsec and f/security, that are probably the result of people confusing things, in part because people don't know to look for f/opsec.