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zer0crash wrote (edited )

TST is really testing my patience atm. Recently went to a local TST gathering at the park to discover they don't have the capacity to onboard new members. This would make sense if they were super busy, but they literally aren't doing anything and somehow still don't have the time or organization to bring new members in.

Then I see shit like this. Fascism is literally at our doorstep and draping itself in Christendom, and this is their priority?! Where is the strategy to attack Christian Fascism? Seems like the membership on a whole is more concerned about being personalities attached to an edgy organization, than actually confronting the problems we are facing.


boringskip wrote

Chapters work pretty independently. My local one has events, but they only recently started taking new members after figuring out how they'd go about it. You can also join the national org too.


zer0crash wrote

From a discussion about confronting a local fascist group I learned that apparently the organization is very bureaucratic. Any new campaigns have to be approved by "National" before getting a green light. I get the impression the vast majority of the leadership have little experience with organizing and activism. Someone mentioned that its often better to act autonomously as "independent satanists" and not use the TST name (along with its reputation and clout). Which begs the question: Why is TST necessary anyways? I'm already a member of National and I'm trying to get the local group involved in anti-fascist organizing, because we need all the help we can get, and so far it's been a slow, frustrating experience. I'm not here to complain, but I hope my experience will encourage existing TST membership to get their shit together and get more involved in fighting encroaching Fascism in the US.