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CasuallyCreative wrote (edited )

Shit. Uh....

The only RPGs I've ever played are 5e DnD, FATE, and a few single-player rpgs. None of my friends are interesting in RPGs and I'm too busy to look for a new group, let alone a compatible one.

I hope these rpg subforums get moving. I'd really like seeing some leftist conversations on slaying the dragon-bourgeoisie.


juliebean wrote

in terms of tabletop games, most of my experience comes from d&d 3/3.5. it was basically all i cared about as a child. i've also got a fondness for the d20 system in general, as well as Pathfinder and GURPS. lately i've been most interested in FATE and PbtA games though, due to the ease of preparation for the GM and the relative ease of pickup for new players.

if we wanna talk video games, i don't actually play much, but fallout 4, skyrim, fable 2, and dragon warrior 3 are all standbys for me. i'm also a huge fan of /f/roguelike games.


biomancer wrote

I really love dungeon world. I want to try out dream askew though.


Dirtbagleftist wrote

I've always wanted to play a tabletop RPG but I have none to play and nobody to play them with.

As for vidya, New Vegas is my favorite.


digby wrote

Try roll20! I've had some success playing with strangers over voice chat (via Discord). Works surprisingly well, though there's something to be said about the absence of body language. All the same, it'll give you a chance to play which you might otherwise lack -- plus, you'll be able to try out different systems and playstyles at the same time.