Lolmsg I just sent to the mods at r/FULLCOMMUNISM, with revisions

Submitted by tanattyn in reddit

You know what V really did to that priest, right?

Hahaha. And the Wachowskis are hella rich, white lesbian trans women. And they want some. Haha. Hell yeah. YTF you don't? Gore Verbinski was a skater punk type dude growing up. He's hella rich, white, cis, het, able, male, all of it, he still wants to viscerally rip socialism out of a priest's corpse, a noble's corpse. The rest of the shit he makes is, a flaming gay brown pirate dude robbing ... well, white straight sailor dudes.

I Spit On Your Grave, Audition, the revenge-rape scene in 300, Lifeforce, the list goes on and on ...

And I keep having to wonder why most of the online American left is so much nicer to capitalism than, well, media bourgeois. I don't think any of these directors spent any time in prison for their movies. But Goddess forbid I have a rape-the-rich fantasy out loud on Reddit, right? Goddess forbid I cyberbully the cyberbullies, and cyberbully fucking Reddit which very much wants to still be a teen porn site? Well okay then, I'm gonna be a liberal cause the liberal bourgeoisie is well to the left of online anarchists and Marxists on the issue of class war, hahahaha.


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