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No discussion of, destroy the church, the nobility, the family, and the bourgeoisie that gain their justification from these.

No discussion of, what porn does and the parts it plays in perpetuating the lumpenization of women (often, completing the cycle, forcing them to be anal-prolapse rape-objects in porn for money). It is the propaganda wing of rape-culture. It normalizes shocking male-on-female brutality so that lesser forms will feel innocent, even exceptionally kind to women. Hedges mentions the way it is a propaganda wing of white supremacy.

No discussion of, the fact that abolishing porn and sex work without attacking the feudal and bourgeois institutions that perpetuate female and child poverty, will actually make women's and children's poverty worse by driving the massive male urge to rape women and children (to stay competitive between men) completely underground.

No discussion of:

Along with the rise of pornography there has been an explosion in sex-related violence, including domestic abuse, rape and gang rape. A rape is reported every 6.2 minutes in the United States, but the estimated total, taking into account unreported assaults, is perhaps five times higher, as Rebecca Solnit points out in her book “Men Explain Things to Me.”

"So many men murder their partners and former partners that we have well over a thousand homicides of that kind a year—meaning that every three years the death toll tops 9/11’s casualties, though no one declares a war on this particular kind of terror,” Solnit writes.

Only opposition in the comments so far. Only discussion of a handful of middle-class white LGBT people that are "empowered" by an industry dependent on far worse forms of sexual commodification to give itself validity. "Radical", "feminist", "queer" porn etc is not a radical solution and in fact can entrench class disparities between sexual minorities. Kink itself, and so the selling of kinky acts among middle-class and/or white people and/or just adults, is the mockery of people that have actually gone through the nonconsensual forms of exploitation that each kink represents - it's a form of slumming, mostly.

Also lol, how THE FUCK is it helping queer people that lack community, by repeating this spectacularization and selling of LGBT bodies, which can be consumed by far far more cishet males than LGBT people? Again, the externalities to this "radical" industry is the entirety of the LGBT community, and I don't seem to be fucking getting a paycheck. The only public self-image trans women have, except for tokens in the media, is massive, brutal sexual exploitation of trans women's bodies in all the worst ways. I get it, LGBT people need to pay rent, but it's not even remotely something we should be discussing as if it were radical. Capitalism is inevitably genocidally anti-LGBT. It's downright reactionary to call CrashPad type shit radical, to be honest.


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Uh - no, child sex trafficking is, but, right, it's terrible and they play into each other.