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ergdj5 wrote

I posted this if anybody wants to give it an upvote.


mike425 wrote

I'm rrab on reddit, and livid about the admins banning the moderator dessalines.
That user was a voice of reason, not someone that was inciting or advocating violence. I'm also a strong proponent of having an armed working class, and to see the admins react the way they did was completely outrageous and telling.
I'm seeking to migrate my subreddit content here once I'm able.


mofongo wrote

the right: the people must be armed to overthrow tyrannical government

That's ok

the left: the people must be armed to overthrow this tyrannical system



selver wrote

Damn, they conceded that real quick eh. Wonder if they will actually enforce the ban. /r/anarchism was threatened by admins quite a few times and the mods didn't really care.

The double standards are absurd. You can call for war against any nation no problem. Support ICE or Israel, etc.

But fuck LSC anyway. I got banned there for posting that Emma Goldman essay about the ussr being shit in response to a tankie.


ziq wrote (edited )

the mod is now apparently on raddle:


Looks like LSC is a stalinist space? Would explain why so many non-stalinists complain about being banned from there.


ziq wrote

I hope they really do ban anyone that mentions e.g. the US. Would be hilarious.