Submitted by Pax in reddit (edited )

Top 5 posts right now:

r/antiwork: My boss suggested I might not be able to take forty minutes to see my daughters first ever school play, so I told him try not to be a cartoon villain and he hung up on me.

r/WhitePeopleTwitter: This is why I think ACAB. (Twitter screenshot of a cop talking about wanting to pepperspray a nine-year-old child for crying)

r/WatchPeopleDieInside: Quality control at a salad dressing factory
(A women staring still at an endless line of passing bottles of salad dressing)

r/AskReddit: What would make you quit Reddit?

r/facepalm: Cop arrests fire fighter in the middle of tending to a wounded civilian because fire truck was 1 mm over the line.



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moonlune wrote

Lucky you, my localized version is pretty fash.


Styx wrote

That's still setting a really low bar...


Pax OP wrote

best isn't necessarily good afterall