Submitted by Sturnella_Magna in reddit (edited )

Reddit censored a post of a news article on /r/UKPolitics about her being removed from the green party for failure to report her father who is actively on trial for crimes related to child rape.

Moderator teams are now attempting to discourage users from stating openly that the name of the reddit Admin hired on despite defending pedophiles is Aimee Challenor. Even on the original post about why UKPolitics was locked.

I've been thinking about coming here to raddle for a while. But this is the final straw. I understand that a lot of this is on the Admin team. However, the fact that the response of various moderation teams has been to assist in shutting down those who say the name of the admin who needs to be removed, and to assist in shutting down conversation speaks to a real, and terrifying cultural issue on the site.

The appropriate response to people talking about how someone on the reddit staff has been named as actively defending pedophiles is not to help quash that name, but to help spread it. To attempt to force an issue underground into a broken-stair scenario is absolutely disgusting.

I want to make clear that people who defend pedophiles do not speak for the LGBTQ+ community even if they are trans.



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