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lastfutures wrote (edited )

Literally all the Guardian article says is that a 20 year old trans woman with a monster for a father didn't properly report him to the political parties she worked for. Doesn't say anything about defending his actions, arguably it's the opposite, since the only quote from her is: "“Thankfully there is no evidence that anyone was close to harm as a result of their contact with the Green party. My thoughts continue to be with those my father caused harm." Also, " In a statement announcing her withdrawal from the contest, the 21-year-old said she was horrified and saddened by her father’s crimes, and had only learned the full details of them just before his conviction."

All of the other claims that you make, that she's a pedophile, defends pedophiles, and so on, comes from blatant transphobes who want to harass her and other trans people. By the way, political parties aren't well known for defending queer people for public outrage, and the UK is infamous for it's transphobia problem right now. We have no idea what kind of relationship she has to her family, but it's not unlikely she's been abused or manipulated by the creep herself. If you really think a 20 year old raised by a serial child rapist should be doxxed, harassed, and never have a job because they didn't handle it professionally, you're either transphobic or totally fucked in the head. How is your first thought reading that story not that they probably have a real fucked up relationship to the father? That they likely suffered abuse or manipulation themselves (way more common among queer people btw)?

As a person whose entire friend group is LGBTQ+ and who has been in LGTBQ+ spaces

Translation for people not keeping up: "I myself am not an LGTBQ+ or trans person". So maybe shut the fuck up and stop using fake concern over LGBT people as a front for transphobia. Doxxing and harassing queer people for any association with abusive predators, when you don't even know the fucking story, is fucked.

Position of power, she's a fucking reddit admin. An internet janitor for racists and incels. What planet are you living on.


Sturnella_Magna OP wrote

"Position of power, she's a fucking reddit admin. What planet are you living on."

A planet that is much more aware of nuances than you.

I'm aware of all of these externalities, and I think it's perfectly reasonable to be critical of the fact that she did not adequately report her father to the Green party. I also think it's reasonable to be critical of the fact that while her father was in jail she had an opportunity to improve her position.

And the fact that she had a choice to not marry a person who clearly supports pedophilia.

Also, there have been two statements by the reddit admin staff, neither of which mention the pedophilia connections at all. Which does not bode well.

If you think that a reddit admin does not have the potential to abuse their access to reddit admin tools to potentially exploit children then I don't know what planet you live on guy. And if you think that her continued connection with her father and a husband who clearly has pedophilic tendencies is not a problem, then I don't know what's going through your thick skull.

If you can't see this thread I'll think about posting the screenshots, but I'm really uninterested in continuing to interact with you.

Like I've tried to say, she crossed a line from being a victim to being an enabler, and potential abuser when she failed to report her father and married a person who openly makes pedophilic remarks.


lastfutures wrote

There's no evidence for any of that other than a transphobe's twitter, someone who spends all day spreading bullshit about trans people.

Someone ban this fucking loser already.


Sturnella_Magna OP wrote

You're just gonna gloss over the jailbait pedophilia subreddit stuff that happened a few years ago that has relevancy that's also mentioned, too?


lastfutures wrote

It has no relevance when you've provided zero evidence the admin is a pedophile.