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Sturnella_Magna OP wrote (edited )

Ignoring the guardian article and the fact that both the liberal and green party (which, while admittedly liberal parties, are not opposed to trans people) in the UK expelled her over this is indicative of some pretty major compartmentalization here guy.

You can't just ignore the evidence because there is an element of transphobia here. I'm well aware of the element of transphobia. The element of transphobia is absolutely fucked.

But your attempted defense of a woman who clearly enables pedophilia and places herself in postitions where she could potentially give her partner and her father access to children to abuse is fucking yikes, man.

Please ask yourself what it looks like for you to be attempting to defend her and make excuses for her because you're scared of the ramifications that she happens to be trans at the same time? If you're LGBTQ+ or an ally of LGBTQ+ it looks like you're willing to ignore pedophiles who happen to be in your community. Which is a problem.

LGBTQ+ people are not pedophiles. And pedophiles should not be permitted to speak for LGBTQ+. As a person whose entire friend group is LGBTQ+ and who has been in LGTBQ+ spaces, I am personally freaked out about the idea that individuals who potentially have the power to exorcise pedophiles from these spaces might not do so because they put fear of backlash for LGBTQ+ over the real, physical saftey of the young people in their spaces.

I understand that the backlash is real, and that LGBTQ+ people are in a really shaky spot right now where conservatives/the-right are attempting to strip their rights and liberals are attempting to take away their and everyone else's ability to defend themselves. I understand the harm that can come from scenarios such as this, where a pedophile happens to be trans.

However, much more harm is done to the community if people eschew their morality, and the necessity of calling out pedophiles over that fear. If people fail to root pedophiles out of spaces where they can do harm to children.

Schoolboards protecting pedophile principals for fear of investigation and losing funding, the catholic church protecting pedophile priests so they can continue to feign their carefully constructed "holiness" are both adjacent examples.

A similar example might be how people fought back against convicted rapist Bill Cosby being a potential rapist because he was "Americas Dad" and willfully locked it out of their brains. But Bill Cosby being a rapist who happens to be black does not make the "Black people are rapists" stereotype true, either.

Stop doing this. The information and evidence is there IMO that she's a person who should not be allowed to be in positions of power, even if you only accept the "Defended her rapist father and was kicked out of two political parties" from the guardian article.

Edit: I meant the independent article. But here's a guardian article, as well.


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Sturnella_Magna OP wrote

"Position of power, she's a fucking reddit admin. What planet are you living on."

A planet that is much more aware of nuances than you.

I'm aware of all of these externalities, and I think it's perfectly reasonable to be critical of the fact that she did not adequately report her father to the Green party. I also think it's reasonable to be critical of the fact that while her father was in jail she had an opportunity to improve her position.

And the fact that she had a choice to not marry a person who clearly supports pedophilia.

Also, there have been two statements by the reddit admin staff, neither of which mention the pedophilia connections at all. Which does not bode well.

If you think that a reddit admin does not have the potential to abuse their access to reddit admin tools to potentially exploit children then I don't know what planet you live on guy. And if you think that her continued connection with her father and a husband who clearly has pedophilic tendencies is not a problem, then I don't know what's going through your thick skull.

If you can't see this thread I'll think about posting the screenshots, but I'm really uninterested in continuing to interact with you.

Like I've tried to say, she crossed a line from being a victim to being an enabler, and potential abuser when she failed to report her father and married a person who openly makes pedophilic remarks.


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Sturnella_Magna OP wrote

You're just gonna gloss over the jailbait pedophilia subreddit stuff that happened a few years ago that has relevancy that's also mentioned, too?