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ziq wrote

I just want to know why they are defending electoralism, and by extension Bernie, so much.

Because it's such a fundamentally capitalist country that the prospect of a milquetoast social democrat gaining power makes them positively giddy. Most Americans have never actually lived with basic state-afforded services like free healthcare or higher education, so when a nice charismatic man comes alone and promises them those services if they'll just believe in him and his quest to reform capitalism, they'll trip over themselves to lift him up, even if he has no chance of actually delivering on any of his promises under the centuries-old oligarchic system in place. The system that was created from its inception to serve wealthy elites and only the wealthy elites, at the expense of everyone else.

People in perpetual survival mode will believe any beautiful lie and attack anyone that dares to burst their bubble.

They might call themselves anarchists because they found Kropotkin's optimism and grand promises for equality inspiring (notice a pattern?), but they don't really understand why states the world over are completely ineffective at serving the populations they rule over. They don't accept that anarchy is the rejection of all authority, or understand why authority should be rejected. They're just in it for the free bread.

So when someone like Sanders comes along promising them 'democratic socialism', a completely radical idea in such a conservative society, they will embrace this social democrat and believe him to be a savior figure. They'll believe him when he says that state power can be used to make their lives better, to soften the blow of capitalism.

The more they cling to the beautiful lie, the more their tenuous attachment to anarcho-Kropotkinism falls away until eventually you're left with just another middle class democrat voting blue no matter who to try and cling to the privileges the state has afforded them on the heads of the underclasses.


lori wrote

People in perpetual survival mode will believe any beautiful lie and attack anyone that dares to burst their bubble.

I think this is key. I'd like to call myself an anarchist and act like one, but right now I'm choosing between rent or healthcare and just desperately clinging to whatever says it can alleviate that. I'll probably keep doing so despite morally and ethically wishing not to, and despite knowing it's not possible anyways.