[Week 6] Suggestion and Voting Thread

Submitted by RosaReborn in readingclub

Welcome to the Suggestion and Vote thread for week 6 of the club meeting.

Please only vote if you in intend on doing this session's reading.

Previous week's discussion can be found here

Each top level comment should only contain the details of one reading. You may make multiple suggestions - they should just be separate top-level comments.

It should include at least the title, author(s), and be linked to an online version of the piece. Ideally also there should be a link to an audio version, and also an indication of how long the text is in time/pages/whatever, and a brief description of what readers are in for if they choose it.

Other conversation and responses to texts should be limited to child comments. Voting is tallied based on the score of the top-tier comments. For a more decisive vote, you are encouraged to vote up or down on each option.

If you find a particular choice problematic, please post a [VETO] comment with your reasons explaining why.

The tentative deadline for the vote is Monday 8.00am UTC.

Happy Reading!



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retiredaccount wrote

Do other people think that this is going too fast for them?


RosaReborn OP wrote

What would be a better pace to get you and others involved? I was thinking since there are no votes, just keep the Desert discussion open and welcome comments there this week for those that couldn't finish it in time. I will be away from wifi again next weekend (Wednesday to mid-saturday) so that works for me this week