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Uproot wrote

Reducing consumption is not enough. You must completely disconnect your life from it.

We have worked on DIY projects that relied entirely on self-manufactured and recycled materials. For example we have successfully produced PCL (Polycaprolactone) in our lab, a high heat and impact resistance polyester with biodegradable feature. We used it for nearly everything that required durable framework. Another of our project was home-based wall electric battery consisted of throwaway lithium-ion laptop batteries. They are currently powering our lab and hackerspace. When the power goes out, and it did happened, we could sustain with solar or wind based power source, then routed the power to the wall battery panels. We also worked on solar panels that were produced entirely with home-made materials that does not involved toxic rare earth or heavy metal that pollute the environment.

References that our projects were based on here:


ziq wrote

I agree completely and am also attempting to live in this way.


zoneReNovator wrote

This sounds really cool. References are good, but I'd be interested to know if you made a record of what you tried anywhere.


Uproot wrote

We have a repository on but we'll share all the source codes once it gets to be employed in the area. Keeping minimal activities on the internet for now because of all the doxxing targeting our members and the organizations I'm part of.