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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Two key paragraphs in the first four sections for me were just the ones that orientated future action:

"Social movement anarchists in these regions might want to think seriously about what practical preparations can wisely be made for self-rule, civil war, survival and the unfortunately inevitable emergence and strengthening of authoritarian forces and inter-ethnic conflict. “We must have the ability to defend ourselves, survive, and exploit crises in society including capitalist at tempts to destroy us. The divided and industrial nature of today’s society has already determined the instability of tomorrow.”" p20

"Give or take the particularities of the local, we may have twenty years (probably more) to prepare for these ruptures, not as an alternative to other tasks at hand, but as an integral part of a long term multi-pronged strategy. For some, it will also be a matter of life or death." p23

I'd be very interested to know which of you have found this generally to be a text that reorients your goals - what they were and what they're moving towards now?