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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'm guessing u/RosaReborn had a plan to make the discussion post already and that the plan was for Friday, thought I'd check, and also post this so that people know.


ziq wrote (edited )

Yeah I need to force myself to reread it; so an exact date would help me better extend my procrastination until the last possible moment.


Cheeks wrote

Same here.. I have read through section 3 but could use a definitive date to get my procrastinating ass in gear.


RosaReborn wrote

Yeah I think Friday is a fine day to start, then people have the weekend to post and respond. The following Friday we'll discuss the second half of the text. Generally I post when the discussion date will be but it appears I forgot about it. I've been swamped with work but I should be able to make the discussion post tomorrow morning :)


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Cool. I realised also earlier that you said "up until section 5" and now I think you probably mean "up to and including section 5"? so there might be people who have read less than half. Not sure!


RosaReborn wrote

You know, I would admit that I made a mistake and that we should all read section 5 but instead I'm going to double-down on that mistake and say I meant to do it!!