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DokiDokiLove wrote

Boleslaw Plus : The Pharaoh and the priest.

Book lvl: difficult, was written 100 years ago. 696 pages. Hard book to get a hold of

About: making changes to a society for the benefit of workers from a position of influence, against the wishes and best efforts of those who hold true power.

Synopsis: a young prince feels that society in Egypt is unfair, when he becomes Pharaoh he hopes to make sweeping changes, but soon learns that despite being the Pharaoh, he has very little actual power. The priests have the actual power, in real terms, economic terms and generally control the narrative of society. They have warped society to benefit themselves. Hording wealth, controlling information and news, and political schemes are all stacked in favour of the priests. Yet the Pharaoh is determined to give workers more rights for the benefit of Egypt as a whole.

One of Stalin's favourite books.


Pop wrote

It's not hard to find... There's even an audiobook... It's also for sale at online stores generally...

You don't seem very reliable in anything you say