I made a template for the reading club suggestion/vote thread to try to streamline the process, w/readingclub/ProposalAndVoteTemplate

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in readingclub

viewable here:


Do people like the idea of using it?

If we take this on, I propose that we have no automatic carryover of suggested readings each time, and that instead each time we suggest whatever we want to read that time, which may be a re-suggestion.


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kore wrote

Template looks good. I definitely support the no-carryover rule.


RosaReborn wrote

Absolutely. Last week I only carried over texts that had about like 4 or 5 votes, however getting in new texts is preferable and reposts are of course allowed. I'll just link to w/readingclub/ProposalAndVoteTemplate when I make the voting thread so people know the basic rules. Looking forward to the discussion tomorrow!