[Week 3] Voting Thread

Submitted by RosaReborn in readingclub (edited by a moderator )

Please see our week 2 discussion thread for ongoing text discussion

Please only vote if you intend on doing the reading. (Obviously)

Voting will be open until Monday 07:00 UST. After that time the text will be announced and a discussion thread can be opened next Friday until Sunday, (concurrent with the next voting thread)

Upvote = Yes, let's read it this week.

Downvote = No, let's not read it this week.

Try to upvote or downvote each text since this is the mechanism we will use to ultimately decide. If your selection is heavily downvoted, don't take it offensively for this reason.

If you find a particular choice problematic, please post a [VETO] thread with your reasons explaining why.

Texts with 4 or more votes last thread have been posted. Texts that didn't make the arbitrary cutoff that you are still interested in can be resubmitted. I just wanted to make room for new suggestions



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