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sand wrote (edited )

"And we will love [Life] laughing!

Since the only serious people are those who know how to be actively engaged laughing.

And our hatred laughs...

Red laughter. Forward!"

this was a nice read. not a standout favorite or anything, but fun. i'm a fan of the above quote, as well as a few that have already been posted here.

dude seems a little pompous ("aristocratic outsiders against all society" and all that), but it's kind of endearing lol

been wanting to read this one for a while, thinking it'd be a lot more interesting than it was! probably set myself up for a little bit of a disappointment there.

overall it just seems to have gotten me hyped to read more (newer) stuff in this vein


RosaReborn wrote (edited )

dude seems a little pompous

Yeah but it's kinda the perfect personality to bash fascists with. Reading his biography section on his illegalist practices and anti-fascist movements, he seems like the kind of person who went HARD in those situations

Also I'm glad you are interested in reading more, so am I!