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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

That was a good section!

I have gotten confused a few times when he's referred to nobleness and aristocracy in ways that seemed non-pejorative.

For example, using the section you posted from Revolt, I can't tell if he's saying good or bad things about Pietro Gori. Based on how he speaks about Malatesta, it seems to be good things, but talking about "dominator" Gori confuses me.

Gori, for anybody who doesn't know and is reading this, composed a lot of definitive folk anarchist songs in Italy.


selver wrote (edited )

Oh, I think he definitely uses "noble" and "aristocracy" in a positive sense in many cases. He had quite the elitist streak in him. The use of "dominator" doesn't make too much sense to me, maybe a translation issue, but I assume he's speaking positively of Gori. Ie. anarchism allows folks like Gori thrive, while the useless rich kid doesn't have his artificial power anymore.

He might be using "dominator" to oppose the ancom idea of an egalitarian society.