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kore wrote

Seeing a lot of parallels with Nietzsche here, specifically in discussion of free spirits and the following quote:

We are not the admirers of the “ideal man” of “social rights, but the proclaimers of the “actual individual”, enemy of social abstractions.

Nietzsche's Übermensch seems very similar to this: often misconstrued as an "ideal man", it's much more like the "actual individual" Novatore has here.

I also think it is very important not to take this part lightly:

All that is called “material property”, “private property”, “exterior property” needs to become what the sun, the light, the sky, the sea, the stars are for individuals.

And this will happen!

It will happen because we — the iconoclasts — will violate it!

Only ethical and spiritual wealth is invulnerable.

This is the true property of individuals. The rest no!

This is an amazing statement of what I see as the most often misunderstood part of individualism. Novatore is all about collectivizing material wealth.

And y'know, the whole thing is pretty inspiring. I'll have to read it again, there's so much to think about in statements like

We have killed “altruism” because we are generous egoists.

This line is also incredible:

The one is born who has learned the Dionysian art of joy and laughter through tears and sorrow.