Ideas for reading suggestion and selection

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in readingclub

Hi readers!

Brown and I've done a bunch of strategising about how to go about suggesting and voting for new readings (in the readingclub chat) and have come out with the idea that it'd be good to have the suggestion thread and vote thread be the same thing.

It would look like the following:

Welcome to the Suggestion AND Vote thread for club meeting #x.

Each top level comment should only contain the details of one reading. You may make multiple suggestions - they should just be separate comments.

It should include at least the name, author(s), and be linked to an online version of the piece. Ideally also there should be a link to an audio version, and also an indication of how long the text is in time/pages/whatever, and a brief description of what readers are in for if they choose it.

Other conversation and responses to texts should be limited to child comments.

All entries should be in by Tuesday. The tentative deadline for the vote is Thursday 8.00am UTC.

On this method, we could have people each week vote add whatever they'd want to read in the week. Individuals who want to read stuff from the previous week can just re-add it.

What do we think? And should we take this method forward immediately?


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sand wrote

support (if my vote counts; hoping to have time contribute next round)

spreads the workload well


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Example of a very good suggestion would be:

Democratic confederalism - Abdullah Ocalan
pdf link / audio link

  • It will take 32 minutes to read, and 1h and 5m to listen
  • This book serves as an introduction to democratic conferalism, a derivative of bookchin's works that are kinda in practice by kurdish people in turkey and syria. He has some hot takes on the UN and the state which is nice. This book is quite accessible as well not many large words.`