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buzz wrote (edited )

I wouldn't mind doing a reading about the police, such as:

I understand people have probably read these texts before, I have read origins of the police. Suggest better anti-cop readings if you can!

I also wouldnt mind reading any part of C.L.R James's "The Black Jacobins" pdf link, because I have to anyway. It is quite lengthy and maybe not suitable.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

I'd love to read The Black Jacobins, but yeah, I don't see us getting through something very long (it looks 400+ pages). I'd also like to read Our Enemies in Blue - but that's 364 pages. Not sure if anybody thinks these are doable, I'd be willing to reconsider.

Origins of the Police seems pretty doable though!

Are you also reading David Scott's Conscripts of Modernity? That's where I was first exposed to The Black Jacobins.


buzz wrote

i didn't really vet these texts, na yeah we shouldnt be doing anything that takes more than 4 hours to listen to/read. I wouldn't mind doing anything from that seems compelling enough (or any police readings, I had just seen our enemies posted a lot on raddle before).

My intrest in The Black Jacobins is apart of my essay on the historigraphy on the haitian revolution i have to do. I have only read the last 2? chapters because that was what was most relevent, but not the rest.