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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'll chime in just saying this for now:

What I like most about the text is that it shows some great cases where sabotage was effective, leaving me with a sense that it really is something available to us if we want to influence those in power. It's a text that left me feeling more able to be and to act in the world as someone who wants to destroy the current order and replace it with mutual aid networks, which is probably the core thing that I want from any text.

While I did feel empowered, I am also aware of the orwellian level of surveillance in many places where many of us spend our time, and wonder how much that would affect our possibilities.

That said, the kind of sabotage being done here is for the most part not in the middle of cities where surveillance is at its most. It seems that large industrial/mining/infrastructural projects, especially those that span wide areas of land, are most vulnerable here.
It's ironic that the huge amount of land that major companies often operate on leaves them open to attack.


kore wrote

The fact that sabotage mostly operates in less populated areas reminds me a lot of Desert. Logging operations in the middle of nowhere are on the fringes of civilization. It'd be impossible to do much damage without getting caught in NYC. Just look how they caught the guy in Hamilton.


selver wrote

Maybe if you don't advertise that you're doing it? Hamilton was sloppy af.