[Week 1 Selection] Fire At Midnight Destruction At Dawn: Sabotage and Social War by Kasimere Bran

Submitted by leftous in readingclub (edited )

UPDATE: Discussion Thread Posted

I took an archive snapshot of the final vote here in case any changes take place. T_W's first selection was picked.



Length: 36:04

Originally published in the first issue of A Murder of Crows, this pamphlet is a good explanation about how individual acts can fit into collective revolt and not become isolated in specialized armed struggle

“Sabotage can be used in all situations, in all terrains, and by anyone who wishes to use it. It requires no specialization or skill, just initiative. While news of sabotage is difficult to find, obscured and negated as it is by those in power, there are some notable examples of its use that we would like to examine. This list is by no means comprehensive but rather a sampling of relevant examples.”

From the Resonance Audio Distro

Leave suggestions on when the discussion on the text should take place.


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Looking forward to this, and I'm glad we chose something small and managable for our first one.

Proposed timeline:

Sunday: ideally we would have a facilitator of some sort; it would be nice if somebody volunteered just to put together a few questions to get conversation going after they have read it. Hopefully we have a volunteer who has already read it on this day?


  • We set up a new vote thread for the next thing to read that includes some portion of the best-voted suggestions from this week and all the new suggestions.
  • We start a new reading ideas thread

Tuesday: We discuss the zine, facilitated by the facilitator who asks questions in a new post to get conversation going.

Friday: based on the new vote tally, we pick a new reading and start again.


RosaReborn wrote

It's a short read, I will probably write some notes as I go through and share when its all compiled. I hope it's illegalist af.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I think it's preferable to read it than to listen to it. I find it easier to structure things in my mind when I see the structure of a text.


selver wrote

Cool, I'm glad this one was chosen. Sabotage is extremely common and easy in my industry.

I like that we picked one that has audio for people who need it, we should try to keep that up.


leftous wrote

I don't think we would need more than a week before posting a discussion thread.