Submitted by An_Old_Big_Tree in readingclub (edited )

After u/leftous's recommendation here I've added all users who have participated in this forum so far who have been registered for more than a month, as a moderator.

I think it'd be cool if we had a forum where everyone participating is a mod, and we can give it a try here? It's also a useful way to have a sense of how many of us are participating.

If you are a user (new or established) who intends to participate and would like to be added as a mod, please respond here and you will be. So long as its generally clear you're not a troll new users will be added.

If any users think this is a bad idea, please be sure to say so! It can be reversed.
Also I have added a few people without their consent, so please let me know if I should remove you. Also anyone let me know if they think that I should generally not do that. Having all participants on the same level here seems extra desirable, I think, and we shouldn't so much think of it as being a mod but being a member.

Separately, please check out the other threads in the forum if you haven't. It will work best with maximum participation!

Thoughts and questions welcome.



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leftous wrote

This is the first step of my plot to make everyone admin


An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

Please keep plotting.

Raddle needs a revolution, and I think one of the major aims of any code contributor should be to destroy this whole admin/moderator thing.


RosaReborn wrote

I for one welcome our new egalitarian, dispersed, non-hierarchical overlords. Sounds great!


Kate wrote (edited )

I'd like to participate, but today is the first I've ever heard of Raddle, so I won't be offended if you don't add me right away, considering my account is brand new. I've been meaning to make an effort to read more lately, so I look forward to this!


sand wrote

sounds good. i'll mod too if that's ok

also maybe send a PM to the people who were added without consent? just so they know what's up if they haven't checked here


An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote


I think everyone involved knows by now, and they can find out easily if they are interested.


half_gay wrote

I am one month late, but I'm here. This is an excellent idea.