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happy wrote

Why not use something like That will get rid of the weighted and spread out order of the posts, threads won't need to get locked so veto posts can go inside the thread instead of out making the board cleaner.


leftous OP wrote (edited )

I have multiple reasons for that:

  1. Mandating people to use a non-FOSS or external platform might limit people's participation. Keeping the vote on Raddle itself will make people more willing to vote.

  2. Allowing people to down vote options they really don't want to read will encourage more people to participate on the selected text

  3. People can change their votes based on discussions in the discussion thread or if they change their mind later

Probably the only platform that satisfies these concerns is /f/konsent, but I don't think it's ready for our purposes just yet. We could possibly make it cleaner by adding vetoes as comment replies.