Suggestion for the deciding mechanism

Submitted by leftous in readingclub (edited )

Step 1: A mod collects all the texts suggested in the suggestion thread at a particular deadline.

So far the suggestions are:

  • Fire At Midnight Destruction At Dawn: Sabotage and Social War

  • Discourse on Colonialism

  • 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance

  • "Anarchism, Marxism, and the Future of the Left -- Interviews and Essay, 1993-1998."

  • "The Anarchist Roots of Geography"

  • Conquest of Bread

  • Homage to Catalonia

  • The Iron Fist behind the Invisible Hand

Step 2: A mod makes a [VOTE] thread, and posts each of these texts (in a randomized sequence) as individual comment posts. The mod locks this thread to prevent additional posts as this is a voting thread - discussions can continue in the suggestion thread.

Step 3: Users vote on texts they want to read this week by giving an upvote, and downvote texts they don't want to read this week. It may help reduce bias to hide scores in the subraddle's theme.

If a specific text is problematic, a user should post a thread to veto the selection with their reasons why. (Hopefully no one gets offended by downvotes or vetoes since they are serving a useful function here)

The text with the most net votes, without any valid vetoes against it, will be chosen. The rest of the texts that didn't get chosen will be recycled the following week.


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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Sounds good to me, let's try it.

We could probably use more mods for this forum though, u/brown does appear to be around but maybe not as actively engaging as we need to keep this rolling? u/brown your opinion here is welcome.

edit: Based on the sidebar here it seems that u/brown welcomes more mods, feel free to comment in response here or PM any admin if you want to be one.


leftous wrote

Can we just make any established user who participates in 'reading club' a mod? Is there a limit?

That way it would be helpful for rotating facilitators and responsibilities.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

That sounds good to me. There's probably de facto no limit.

I'm thinking I'll just add people who have participated in the forum as mods, and then we can make a post about it? I like the raddle method of doing things and then undoing things if people dislike them, since it's possible to undo them and since it gets things moving.


Pop wrote (edited )

unless I'm missing something, step 3's hiding scores option won't (fully) work, since comments are ordered by number of votes regardless of whether the score is visible

edit: but yeah this sounds fine


leftous wrote (edited )

This is true. But there would be no way to tell if the comments are just tied or not. Another option could be posting these as comment replies so the order is static.

Anyway, any user can just override the theme settings regardless. It could just be a visual aid for those who don't want their judgment clouded by popularity.


buzz wrote

hi everyone and welcome new moderation friends.

on u/leftous ideas about steps: I think we should be able to automatically make a suggestions, voting and discussion threads every week using f/RaddleBots (except we still have to manually post comments and update descriptions).

A question I have is why do we need a seperate voting thread and a suggestion thread? If we just require that all top level comments be suggestions of a single text, is it bad to have additional comments? (Pros: less threads, more easy to vote Cons: I guess due to the discriminatory nature of langauge that will influence votes at a higher rate).


leftous wrote

That is a good idea to automate the threads.

why do we need a seperate voting thread and a suggestion thread? If we just require that all top level comments be suggestions of a single text, is it bad to have additional comments?

My reason for that is so each option gets equal exposure. Whoever posts in the thread first will basically have the advantage of more people seeing their choice.

Another reason is to prevent the forum from being slid by discussion, making it less likely that users see the lower and later suggestions.


happy wrote

Why not use something like strawpoll.com? That will get rid of the weighted and spread out order of the posts, threads won't need to get locked so veto posts can go inside the thread instead of out making the board cleaner.


leftous wrote (edited )

I have multiple reasons for that:

  1. Mandating people to use a non-FOSS or external platform might limit people's participation. Keeping the vote on Raddle itself will make people more willing to vote.

  2. Allowing people to down vote options they really don't want to read will encourage more people to participate on the selected text

  3. People can change their votes based on discussions in the discussion thread or if they change their mind later

Probably the only platform that satisfies these concerns is /f/konsent, but I don't think it's ready for our purposes just yet. We could possibly make it cleaner by adding vetoes as comment replies.


selver wrote

Good idea! I think that should work out well.