should we use konsent as our deciding mechanism?

Submitted by buzz in readingclub (edited )

Hello everyone!

"Konsent, a platform for making collective decisions without hierarchy." (from /f/konsent)

While it is still in development, and I dont really know how it works too well, it may prove more reliable and useful than the conventional post comments and vote/comment your approval.

I have made a "readingclub" union, and the password is readingclub-WV72D-hahathisisntapartofthepassworddiqLC-qNMYu (remove the part that says 'hahathisisntapartofthepassword'). On it there is a phase1 issue that is this topic, but as the site is not secure, please ensure that you arent using a reccuring password or the like. Alternatively, if you want to raise any issues in the comments that would be good too.


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leftous wrote (edited )

I think we should get the go ahead from /u/dellitsni first, since I'm not sure how frequent the data wipes will be while it's in alpha.

Perhaps for now, we should just base it off of # of votes, and allow any member to veto a text (this can be facilitated by the mod if someone is insecure about vetoing publicly).


buzz wrote

good plan


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't know much about konsent at the moment but if/once it's up and running I'd love to try it out. Supporting the project and expanding on the raddle libre world sounds good to me.