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asterism wrote (edited )

So UTC is basically how wrong the time is compared to the rightness of the UK. So UK is UTC 0 and then timezones move an hour into the past going west (because the sun moves east so as you go west the sun gets further towards dawn) and an hour in the future going east (because the sun gets closer to setting as you go east). So there are 27 time zones based on the UTC. the last one to enter a new day is UTC -12 and the first one to enter a day is UTC 14. UTC 0 is the time zone of the UK. +14 is just the nation Kiribati which is in Oceania. and naturally (because the sun goes east to west and Kiribati is the final time zone). UTC -12 is just to the west of Kiribati (but its an uninhabited timezone).

Anyway at -12 it is currently (as of this post) 11:30 PM on Sunday and at +14 it is currently 1:30 in the morning on Tuesday So if LL posts something now in Kritibati (NOW being 1:30AM Tuesday morning) and then someone at UTC-12 posts something 48 hrs from now. The person at UTC-12 would be posting something 11:30 PM on Tuesday (the same day LL made the post albeit the ending of that day.)

Edit: a couple helpful qualifiers. So it used to be that the range was +12 to -12 but Kiribati landed in the spot between +12 and -12 and that meant that people in that country were in two different days which leads to problems obviously so they mad their own time zones those being +13 and +14.

Also technically -12 is inhabited its just no one uses it.


Fool wrote

I'll also add even UK isn't always GMT - they move to "British Summer Time" for part of the year.


asterism wrote

Its interesting to how political time zones are too. For example the entire nation of China has decided to use a single time zone known as Beijing time. Except there are people in the western areas that use Xinjiang time in defiance to the government.