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Potemkin wrote

Greetings all! I'm new here and still familiarizing myself. I'm looking forward to comradely discussion.

The statement above is a good one, and contains some unstated premises that I also agree with.

Understanding that we live in contradiction, while helpful to those who analyse through a dialectical frame, helps us realize that the world we wish to see can only be fully attained through (social) revolution and the removal of the capitalist economic system. It also implies that while we should have discipline and attempt to prefigure and embody our values and society to the greatest extent possible under capitalism, we should not kick ourselves for being imperfect in theory or action, as the system we are fighting necessarily brings everyone into economic, social, and ethical contradiction.

However, this does not mean we should give up entirely. Nuance is important, and coming as close to our ideal as is possible under the given system weakens capitalism, giving a view of the new society in the shell of the old. Our work can provide for the needs of our communities in less commodified and alienated ways, helping working people to the greatest extent possible now and developing the consciousness and solidarity to sustain large opposition movements.