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Fool wrote

Blessed is the lion which becomes man when consumed by man

Mostly self justifying consumption of meat. But also the lion is integrated into the man through consumption.

cursed is the man whom the lion consumes

That guy is unlucky

and the lion becomes man

I think it's about perspective on when an object stops being said object. If the man doesn't stop being a man, even once ingested into the lion, then that lion and man are one and the same, so therefore that lion is now a man... While also being a lion.


Rat OP wrote (edited )

I think it is funny to trick anarchists into biblical literalism. I don't think Jesus was saying "eat cat meat" or any commentary on dietary restrictions for that matter. There are a trillion of things to read into here about predestination, about the eternal cycle of energy, about the relationship between the Beast and the Word. Jesus was not dispensing blessings to meat-eaters, nor was he cursing lions into becoming men lol


Fool wrote

Yeah, knowing the cultural references helps to make sense of memes.

Which sort of points to a really big problem with the bible. It's a really poorly written guide book, if you need to cross reference bits and pieces to actually be useful.


Crown_of_Ice wrote

Speciesism! The man is becoming part of the lion and the lion remains a blessed lion! Eating a human corpse applies no special instrinsics according to the Ancient Domains of Mystery wiki! The lion only receives sustenance!


PatternofPi wrote

Bit of a human superiority complex to assume that lions are blessed to be eaten. Sounds like just another justification to kill animals imo.


Render wrote

In Christian philosophy, man is created in god's image. Thus it implies that the lion becoming man is growth, becoming closer to god.

In the first scenario, the lion sacrifices itself for man (provides sustenance), and is uplifted. The lion is now man, and is blessed. In the second scenario, the lion is still uplifted (becomes man) but it is through the sacrifice of man, not it's own.

So. Uplift yourself (become closer to god) through helping others, rather than raising yourself up by pushing others down/exploiting others' generosity?


OnlyCirceOus wrote

I think there are better recipes with more consistent effects. 1 star.