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kinshavo wrote

It's good to have a pipeline politics and introductory texts and authors, maybe sometimes I got carried on my remarks lol.

But for me, right now, antiwork, unschooling and libertarian dynamics in relationships is what is bringing more people to a less alienated state. Not so much the political discourse (including here the apolitical/anti political anarchist discourse).

I firmly believe that the great majority of people don't want anarchism or anything close to it, bc it's too much trouble to live by yourself. Many people in the left field, much more closer to us, wish a "good" socialism, something like Zizek always says, a big transnational govt that take care of all needs without the citizens knowing what is happening, like a blessed alienation. This people will embrace a Communist AI to rule a Unite Earth govt if possible. And when I say that I don't believe in this global anarchist future, I mean it, what we are supposed to do with all the opposite side? Close them in a enclave state? Send them to the moon? Sorry, Im digressing..

And I am sceptical about the inevitably path of this pipeline, I am not sure it is a logical conclusion to radicalize one's politics. I could be talking shit