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we should wait then destroy and kill so we can finally prevent suffering.

Not at all, again you are strawmanning my words..accept this, then try to respond to what I am actually saying.

My position, consistently, is that it is not helpful to engage in market based solutions, because the market invariably will disfavor those without capital or resources and will reify marginalization. I believe it is better to de-commoditize things, to help people now, by attacking the market system itself.

I believe it is incalculably naiive to think that one can control market forces for some kind of revolutionary purpose. It's like someone saying that they can control industrial systems for their own benefit.

Can you clarify how this agorist position, is in principles different than the dengist ideology underneath the contemporary chinese mainland's state? I suppose there's a greater trust in market forces, and a dislike of policing actions, but how do you actually implement something like agorism without a state anyway? Preserving the market forces and dynamic, without police?

Wars are taught by the most desperate, poor and marginalized people.

That's who I am, and who the people I care about are. Poor, marginalized, and at least a little desperate and fearful of what's yet to come

You are the one with the position that will fuck over the most marginalized people.

Oh, I don't know about that. Why don't you take your Black capitalism nonsense over to killer mike's TV show, lol