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Styx wrote

After u made me think, I guess that u are absolutely right, 500 years of slavery and genocide is more stolen than stolen.

Hey, we've been there too! Ever wondered where the word slav-ery comes from? We the OGs!

You have a good sleep so tomorrow you can undertake various unsavoury activities on company's time!


gone_to_croatan OP wrote

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Napoleon and Snowball, fuck that's why I never fell for Trots.

After u made me think, I guess that u are absolutely right, 500 years of slavery and genocide is more stolen than stolen.

I only have 5 hours of sleep before taking the next train to work, but I am feeling glad (no sunshine in my bag tho). Some friends invited to drink in the Monday nite, I will probably try to start a reading club based on the


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

I remembered this band and I couldn't remember why I stopped listening to it. Then I remembered oh yeah the white lead singer thought it was cool to say the N word if it is to make fun of racists. Something which I realized was fucked up when I was like 13.

Not criticizing the post just that's the only thing I think of when I hear this song tbh.


subrosa wrote

"In Exarcheia once again, the cop is chasing the stray dogs away - some formaldehyde and it is all clean again

In the name of the state, the policemen and violence, castrate the strays, the bastards of the (Exarcheia) square

Greece (belonging to) Greek Judges
With no parliament nor elections
Greece (belonging to) Greek Judges
Shut down State

Those two legged foes are upsetting our pen of tame two legged sheep, patriots and "vegetables", Castration, euthanasia, racism of power, 504, the number of the punishment/sentence"
(504 was the number of arrests during the November 1995 riots at the National Technical University of Athens city centre campus in the Exarcheia neighbourhood of Athens)

The song is about the police bullying the people hanging out in the Exarcheia Square, the typical hangout area of anarchists and punks in Athens - however the lyrics are somewhat out of date, as nowadays the police stay well away from the main Exarcheia area (particularly after the 2008 point blank murder of a 15 year old by a trigger happy cop - and the ensuing riots where half the city centre burned).


__0 wrote

I knew someone who played a show with them and they were incredibly rude. Not very Punk ethos afaik. Kind of a perfect example of the commodification of subculture, I mean what isn't. Can anyone convince me otherwise? What's their background, I'm under the impression that they are upper middle class playing poor for the aesthetic.


just1602 OP wrote

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I didn't have time to dive in each band yet, I just listen to the compilation a couple of time while doing other stuff. In fact, I don't even know the names of the song, I just found of them were not bad. :D