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jadedctrl wrote (edited )

In my opinion, a probability this tiny is not something we can let go unexplained. Luck will certainly not do here; we need some rational explanation of how something this unlikely turned out to be the case.

That's not true. Incredibly improbable things happen all the time without any cause.

Without very good evidence that there is a particular reason that the laws of nature allow for life, there is no reason to believe in such a thing.

As organisms become simpler, perhaps at some point the light of consciousness suddenly switches off, with simpler organisms having no experience at all. But it is also possible that the light of consciousness never switches off entirely, but rather fades as organic complexity reduces, through flies, insects, plants, amoeba and bacteria. For the micropsychist, this fading-while-never-turning-off continuum further extends into inorganic matter, with fundamental physical entities – perhaps electrons and quarks – possessing extremely rudimentary forms of consciousness, to reflect their extremely simple nature.

What reason do we have to believe in that? I've seen three articles on panpsychism and cosmopsychism in my Pocket feed over the past couple of weeks, but none of them give a good reason to accept that everything has consciousness.

They just kinda say, ``some scientists believe x and y because of z hole in understanding''... but don't explain how or wh x and y can be crammed into z