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confundus wrote

Opposing camps are locked in “echochambers” of misinformation online, said Wu, with genuine, neutral news sources were being drowned out online

ah haha! neutral news sources, that's fucking hilarious

A deep distrust of police and authorities may fuel the spread of rumours among protesters, with outlandish claims and conspiracies taking root, despite repeated official denials.

right, because those in authority never lie or distort. as I've pointed out before, the fact that news agencies aren't even publishing basic facts about the extent of wounds, the actual violence pigs are doing, or why protesters fight back against other "non-police" people show that they're on their own. there's documented evidence of torture and rape of those detained by police but because the authorities have said it hasn't happened the news calls it fake news (this isn't to say some of the rumors aren't fake news but in this kind of situation it's usually better to err on the side that's going to help keep you safe).

the pigs there are trigger happy and itching to bash skulls. nothing quite like watching the police singling people out as they smile and laugh with each other before they attack. again, this isn't reported by the news either even though those fucking cowards are right there watching the whole thing with their special yellow vests and "press" plastered all over themselves so they can be part of the action without having to actually do anything besides doxx people fighting to live free from the state.