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Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Yeah, colour is not necessary. It depends what you're going for. If you're trying to mimic something official it may be unavoidable.

I tend to like things to look well-produced when I'm printing because I think it probably makes a difference in many cases.

Print places around me charge for 'coverage' how much of the paper is covered in ink. So cost-wise it's probably only realistic to have a blank sheet with a single colour and mostly just writing and empty space.

If I'm going as cheap as just printing a bunch of A4s I'd probably rather just spraypaint the box directly, or buy large blank sheets and spraypaint neat posters with stencils, because it seems like a lot of trouble to reproduce. (I'm imagining the process of going to steal at least several of these posters, bringing them home, then printing and sticking like 50 A4 sheets together just to make one, and then going and putting the posters back and that seems overboard).