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ziq wrote

People that think 'antifa are the real fascists' for denying fascism a platform really aren't worth the time of day in my (not so) humble opinion. Fascists want to oppress anyone that isn't a white cishet dude. Opposing fascism is self defense for anyone who isn't an Aryan old boy and anyone that needs that explained to them is too privileged to get it.


tlckl wrote

Oh, you kind of missed my point. I don't think we can stop or convince the people who create and spread the bait, I'm more think of how we can limit it's damage in terms of making sure that fewer people believe it.

Educating the masses, things like that.


jadedctrl wrote

I think expressing the severity of allowing fascists a platform needs to be emphasized.
Fascism will, almost without exception, spread like a cancer through the populous-- the "free market of ideas" can't and won't stop such repulsing ideas from taking hold. As much as liberals might care about free speech, they need to remember: fascists only care about their own free speech.