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buzz wrote (edited )

here are things i would try doing:

as this message is for prospective anarchists, who aren't anarchists, you would want to prioritise that, hence I would move the text 'do you think that' component to this top. I would try deemphasing the 'Are you an Anarchist?' because that might scare people away lol, and instead a "you might be an anarchist" text will allow for more questioning.

Since this looks highly regional, I would remove the afa and ancom flags, reposition the bsn logo to the right and make it larger. since there isnt any red in the image anymore, I might make the de-emphaised 'are you an anarchist' text orange to bring everything together.

Finally, I would probably make the text consistant with the 'you might be' text, larger than than the body. also would consider not linking to an unsecure and poorly designed website.