I've been given five minutes to present anarchism to 200 people, in the shape of a speech - any tips?

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I recently finished my manifesto on freedom, power and anarchism. To wrap things up, I'm giving a five minute speech tommorow on anarchism, with an audience of about 200 people. I've got everything set up, and I feel ready, but any ideas and tips that you can think of would sitll be very helpful.

e: To phrase it better, if you were the one giving this speech, what would you include, and how would you do it? Would you pay any extra attention to specific things?

e2: If you have any speeches that you found held strength, shoot me a link. Anything is very welcome!

e3: I finished the speech, and shared my manifesto with as many as possible. A surprising amount of people found it very, very interesting, and i had a lot of good discussions on the topic. I'm completely burned out now, absolutely no energy left, but i feel like i did what i could, and it could not have turned out any better.


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dele_ted OP wrote

It's a part of a bigger event with other speakers, so they're not here just for my speech, but some are, and the rest just don't know it yet ;)

the strong sense of responsibility

That's a good point. The speech is so far pathos-based, and this fits right in. Thanks!


Pop wrote

<3 break a leg

these thoughts might be helpful!

  • briefly but succinctly touching on how it's better than and not its alternatives that aren't capitalism (i.e. marxism and state socialism)

  • reminding/informing them that there are currently anarchist(ic) societies in existence (Chiapas, Rojava) and they are always popping up
    (general reminders that there are people all over the world doing this and you're not just some random talking nonsense on your own, extra points if you can come up with good examples that they will be familiar with locally)

  • Some form of that Ursula Le Guin quote for those people who are feeling like hierarchy is a part of human nature; "We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings.”


dele_ted OP wrote

Very good ideas, thanks Pop. I'll use that quote without a doubt, or at least explain it in other words if i can't find a good way to use it directly. I'm starting to feel like i should have included a formal thank you to the Raddle community on the last page of the manifesto.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

When talking about the alternatives I'd try to make sure to talk about positive elements of anarchism too. I'm not sure what you've already included in the speech so I'm probably saying some obvious stuff, but, mutual aid, prefiguration, direct action, federalism are pretty useful ideas to mention.

Often when I'm introducing this topic I speak about music bands, and how people can come together and make music even if there is no band leader.

It's also not unusual for me to talk about (what I think is a Kropotkin quote) around how there are two kinds of law, one that protects private property and keeps wealth with the wealthy, and another that covers ethical questions that people generally have already and don't need laws to maintain. And of course the laws don't actually prevent people from being unethical, often they are the cause.