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Fossidarity wrote (edited )

When I was very young I frequented Newgrounds to watch animations and play games. In one of the animations (I think it was animator vs. animation) I saw how the tool they used to create the animation, which was Macromedia Flash 8. After pirating it I tried creating simple animations with that but I soon learned that you can create cool effects for these animations and even simple games using the built-in script language called Actionscript (version 2 at the time).

If I had to start over I don't think I would do it differently, even though Macromedia and especially Adobe later are horrible companies who love DRM and hate everything open source they still managed to create an easy to use platform for small creative projects that can be easily shared online.


MHC wrote

I first learned BASIC at uni. Then I taught myself PROLOG. I also learned the Arduino IDE.


chris60 wrote

I studied the basics of programming at the institute. There I learned about Arduino and was very interested in studying this product. A lot of information and useful guides are on the Arduino site