Talks/lectures/informative videos. Suggestions?

Submitted by xxi in programming (edited )

Looked for an appropriate forum, but this seems to be the most appropriate.

tl;dr: I want interesting computer/software/programming stuff to look at.

I like computers. Not a novice, not an expert. Got some experience programming, not too much. I'm more of a user than anything else. Thing is, I really like looking at people talking about anything computer-related. Could concern C++ (no experience) or a piece of hardware.

I like Computerphile, but lately I've had problems finding interesting stuff to look at. Most of the BS that turn up is in the vein of "5 things to say during a job interview", "Subscribe to our service and you'll learn Java in two weeks" or, god forbid, product reviews. Computer History Museum got some interesting stuff too. I'm aware of some conferences, like LibrePlanet and DebConf.

Anyway, I need suggestions for stuff to watch. Preferences:

  • Unix (GNU/Linux, BSD's, etc), got an interview with Ken Thompson, etc, and I'm in,
  • history,
  • free software/culture,
  • interviews, lectures, advocacy regarding programming,
  • non-corporate stuff (exception: corporate people talking about free software or not pushing a product)
  • accessible stuff about programming
    • (good: this is the general syntax of language X, these are some things you can do and I [the talker] am passionate about all of it,
    • bad: this is how you implement this novel algorithm for industrial grade deployment),
  • interesting pieces of software, example: I like vi (vim), someone talking about that would be cool, Mediawiki is cool so I'd go for that too,
  • general concepts, I know what an array is, but stuff like that

Pure point for point tutorials can be boring. If I want to be specific those are usually easy to find. Hard to draw a definitive line there though.

One thing I feel I've seen too little of is interviews/talks with independent developers/programmers. Definitely need to see more stuff where non-men/non-binary/etc people talk. I'd love to see more of that stuff.


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