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indi OP wrote

Sure those things are good, and arguably more generally useful than a standard graphics API... but the whole point of the TS system is that things can be developed independently of each other, in parallel. Work on the Graphics TS was being done by SG13 completely independently of Networking in SG4 and any other study group like SG6 (Numerics) or SG16 (Unicode).

In fact, the Graphics API was basically finished, and running - with demos and even supporting tooling. And it's not like the human interface experts from SG13 will migrate over to Networking or Coroutines now that SG13 is shut down. So nothing has really been gained by cancelling Graphics... just a lot of time wasted.

What really killed Graphics was SG15, and the new focus on developing a standard package/dependency management system. One can hope that if that actually happens, the standard can be modularized, which would make it much easier to add bigger things to the standard. At that point, Graphics can probably be revived.