C++ standards committee pre-Rapperswil papers available open-std.org

Submitted by indi in programming

If you are interested in C++, and particularly in the future directions of the language, the mailings before and after each standards committee meeting are a wonderful resource. And I think this is the biggest mailing I've seen. It's so big, and so full of far-out ideas, that Bjarne Stroustrup himself had to step in and urge people not to get too crazy.

I haven't read all the papers in depth - there are so many, and some of them cover some very technical issues - but these are a few you might find interesting:

Plus there are a couple of papers for merging various Technical Specifications like Ranges, Coroutines, and Modules into the C++20 standard (or other merges, like merging Executors into the Networking TS and Parallelism TS).


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