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I thought it'd be cool for us to collaborate or a project that's raddle-esqe and left af. If people are interested, we could start brainstorming in this thread.



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Pop wrote

right now, so far as programming projects go, ones associated with raddle that I know of are

  • itself
  • - the image host
  • konsent - collective decision-making software ( f/konsent )
  • and whatever u/boringskip is doing with Yacy to get us a search function
  • various bots, for example somebody made a bot to draw images in pixelplace

subatomic0 wrote (edited )

I was thinking it'd be cool if we could make it a weekly(or any other regular interval) meetup on matrix so we could all collaborate in real time. Also maybe it's better to just decide what we want to do session to session, and not necessarily commit ourselves to a single project from the get go. Just some thoughts.

Also I think I'm gonna make a poll in /f/programming to see the programming languages people know, which might help in decisions.


UnbanTwin OP wrote

That's a good idea! I'll have to sort my Matrix account out. Yeah, we should also probably poll about time zones, so we can find the best time that allows for the most amount of people to participate.


Malle_Yeno wrote

One project that we could start ourselves out with (assuming it hasn't already been made) could be a RemindMe bot, which sends you a message after the time that you set. It would help to remind people to reply to a thread after work, or something similar.


UnbanTwin OP wrote

Yeah, that would be cool! When Selver makes threadBot open source we can definitely look into that. I was thinking of taking a stab at a mobile app, though I don't know how far I'd get with it seeing as my knowledge of mobile technologies is limited.


MHC wrote

Sharing ideas is enough.