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I can create food a at a high level with a higher level of creativity. That being said I’ve always had an interest in computers and technology. I’ve done some general research and see the plethora of options available across every aspect of pc, jnternet, security of etc. I’ve messed around with GitHub and the tutorials there. Downloaded free code apps on the ol phone even. I’ve found a hunger for this knowledge and wish to expand on it in a more selfish way. Especially regarding my privacy, freedom to exchange information, including speech, and other areas of “freedom”. That being said I still don’t know a great starting point. A code camp? Even some of the basics in security. Clearly I’ll need to make money so what’s a 38 yr old fed up with the stresses of understaffed kitchens and demands to do just to find a good foundation on entry to branch out from? I don’t have some linear idea of a career path and ultimately I want to make my schedule for my money at the value I feel it’s worth. So many options make it difficult to weed through the bs and I don’t have anyone irl I can pick the brains of. Any guidance would be much appreciated.



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moonlune wrote

There are two main job options:

programmer (write apps, websites, etcs), or system administration (keep the computers running, security, hardware maintenance). The red hat certifications might help leapfrog formal education for the latter.


moonlune wrote (edited )

No I don't really know much more about it sorry :/

Another solution would be to contact local recruiting companies, in my country we have some that give a free formation and help you find a job in IT.