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BIG AHA!!! So that's how we do it!!!!!

okay. I'm gonna need to try this.



NOISEBOB wrote (edited )

Also, go to /f/total_noise

Edit: yeah i know you post there but yeah.


emoticons OP wrote (edited )

So that's how we do it!!!!!

Well i am usual do this use an online zalgo for it instead the python. I was do a lot of search the Internet to find out how it is these character and found out, wanting share that it is combining characters unicode. :p

and try /u/inthedustofthisplanet script, is has a better explanation and more examples than me so it likely more easy to use than my Python lol My python is more of the module that define a function so import and extension it, and hers is the program so run it!!! :3

and I am go to /f/total_noise

Edit: but even more example not show by the program like (len(words) - i) // 2 + 1 or like make with no enumerate but make random amount every character -- thats my python does -- or do choice(ammunition).join(choice(ammunition)for x in range ...) So there many extension to her program as well as mine python function :)