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lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

allright, this is an important flaw of my argument to point out. I edited it to be accurate with this new info. thanks

because frankly if a community will bring in people who will do fatphobia and try to recruit people into an ED its something to more seriously consider. Because something like that if can easily become a situation of the pro EDers or the people they try to recruit. I think strong moderation and then a ban if it doesn't stop the behavior is the best solution. But I wasn't giving the potential risk the seriousness it deserved.


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

Edit: I disputed the idea that its pervasive in ED communities to encourage others to get a ED. I retract that retroactively. I think that kinda behavior should definitely receive heavy handed moderator action, to solve that problem. If that wouldn't be enough I see a bad as reasonable. But in the forums current state that doesn't seem to be a issue.

Edit2: also having people try to convince people to have a ED or doing pro ED propaganda would be a serious problem that shouldn't be tolerated. And people being worried about being inticied into harmful behavior or others being enticed are making a very legit claim

In my experience most people with an eating disorder don't go around trying to convince people to have one. And I havn't seen anyone doing that on this forum. Its just a forum for people who have a taboo and dangerous hobby congregating to emotional support, community and share tips to reduce harm. I think raddle allowing oppressed groups to share harm reduction and do nothing but hurt themselves is totally cool. Crushing and suppressing harm reduction information sources doesn't help anyone with an eating disorder in any way. It only increases its deadliness. Not to mention anarchist is about providing a refuge for marginalized groups to congregate. If they follow tos which they are its fine.

And I don't know how I feel about portraying a group which due to its dangerousness is often literal teenagers dealing with fat phobic misogynistic messaging in the most harmful way ever. It would be one thing if pro ED people said "I hate fat people and they are shitty for being fat" Not its "I hate being fat" and also how I deal with this internalized fatphobia is like one of the most dangerous decisions possible. Ban they from being fatphobic sure but don't ban bhavior of oppressed group dealing with internalized bigotry badly.

Plus for the people who are deep into eating disorders most of them its not about weight but about control so its closer to cutting or drug use in my eyes. Sure it might stem from problematic ideas but later on its just a taboo dangerous habit like drugs or cutting. Shutting down harm reduction ED forums to shuttle people with EDs into forums without harm reduction just kills people. So if I'm going to promote a practice which literally kills mainly marginalized teenage girls I need a damn good reason. And teenagers not handling societal shame around not being a super skinny woman isn't a good reason to do stuff that will kill them.

I understand while being around ED stuff could be bothersome triggering in a super harmful way to people who have a history and can be potentially triggering in a negative way. Content warnings are great and leaving it all in one forum so people can ban it is great. But that still isn't good reason to purge harm reduction info and pro harm reduction communities. Anarchists should be allies to this practically harmless taboo extremely marginalized group not dog pile them with the rest of oppressive misogynistic cum stains like reddit, parents, doctors, ect as long as they abide by the TOS which includes not trying to encourage EDs.


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Quote from the forum rules

Do not ask for advice on how to purge or restrict.

If u wanna talk about harm reduction for Ed or blog about feeling cool. But this isn't my pro Anna, my pancake addiction or a pro ana insta. Welcome if u wanna do that stuff but if u want someone to "disapline" you a 16 year old into being ideal bonespo please fuck off

Half wanna pretend this is fed bait tbh


HitchHikeHawk wrote

I know I'm a little late to this party, but oh well! I've been diagnosed with a OSFED (purge/restrict cycle). I live in NE USA, and I'm 17 yo. I developed my eating disorder 4 years ago. I'm so happy to be able to be part of this community, and I look forward to talking to everyone! HitchHikeHawk


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I used to be able to channel all of my focus and energy into certain things, it would even be a distraction from food so I welcomed it, but you can't run on empty for long, as I found out. sigh.

Now I have all the ambition and self-criticism of a perfectionist but no achievements to show for it :~)


arina wrote

27F here from SoCal. I've been recovered for about 5 years. I still have body image issues and it's a struggle not to get triggered by people around me.


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I usually exercise right when I get home from work (around 12/1 pm). I don't eat breakfast, I drink water and monster whites and sometimes a diet Coke. I was getting up early and working out but I think the afternoon works better after I've been fasting because it prevents me from being hungry until night time. Also I hate working out when I've eaten, it makes me feel grosser. I think for me exercising on an empty stomach means that I'm forcing my body to burn off itself, and I think after you workout your metabolism stays higher so when I do eat later hopefully my body is processing it better.